The optimum growth of a human brain takes place during the childhood stage.

My Peerless Ethics and Principle

I personally strive to help every household understand the science behind sleep, how the nervous system works and how sleep connects to all aspects of our life. Your childs has their own sleep needs, essentials and misunderstandings. It is not as simple as sleep training and hoping for progress. There is a strategy and making sure all 5 pillars towards healthy sleep are working in conjunction to each-other. I am so passionate about this field that I am working on getting a dual B.S and M.S in Neuroscience to further understand the neural connections related to sleep and the mechanisms especially in these pediatric years. 

My Objective

The renowned American Author ‘F. Scott Fitzgerald’ claims “The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.” 

I fully believe that sleep can be a welcoming event, something that everyone can look forward to in the day and night. You can give your child the gift of being able to sleep independently without the need for them to cry for hours. You can still nurture, support and comfort your child while teaching them how to develop and strengthen their internal sleep tools instead of using those external props that contribute to your own sleep loss. It doesn’t need to be stressful or traumatic for the household. 

I have solely devoted my educational knowledge and professional experience to help parents understand, become informed, educated and overall feel empowered in their parenting. 


No one sleep program is right for every child and that is why I have experience in a variety of methods to help you find the one that works best for your family. I work one on one with you to help make this possible, in all age groups.

I will attune to your goals and aspirations you hope for and then create a personalised sleep plan for your little one. Sleep training is simply a method and there are many but achieving healthy sleep starts with figuring out what is hindering their own capabilities and building upon from that.

You can only give your child what they need based on your own needs being met. Parents do not need to sacrifice their own well being for their child’s. There needs to be balance and understanding on both sides for true harmony. I help show you how this can be possible for parenthood and in parenting.

The knowledge of understanding baby sleep is the gift that keeps giving

When our coaching weeks are up, you as parents will feel more confident, stronger in your parenting approach, more prepared and your child will have a foundation laid down for the building blocks of long term success. More importantly then that, is everyone will be sleeping back to their optimal amount!

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