Best gentle pediatric sleep consultant

May 10, 2022

I have known Chanlyn since 8 months (when I had my newborn). She is very different from other sleep consultants because she takes special effort to understand what has been working well so far and guides in the most gentlest way without any cio methods. She has been just a text away, takes time to hear me out and her analysis is always accurate as to what may be bothering my little one when it comes to sleep.

I know I can trust her guidance because she has proven it for me. She is a very sweet human being other than being a great professional. I would definitely recommend Chanlyn to all the new parents who are looking to get rest and sleep at nights!

Shikha Duttyal

Thank you so so much genuinely!

October 3, 2021

I just have to share how much this lovely lady had helped me in less than 1 hour! A simple telephone convo and she just understood what my baby needed! My 10 month old was waking every 2 hours, I was exhausted and not enjoying the day to day of being a mum as a result.

I followed her advice and the very first night 8 hours before a wake up! I feel like a new human! I cannot recommend enough! So so helpful, so understanding and so so kind! I’ve had sleep trainers before that just day leave baby and don’t return until wake time but she cares about mum and baby and that’s what sets her apart from some others!

Thank you so so much genuinely! Xxxxx”

Danny. B

THANK YOU for everything you do Chanlyn

July 12, 2021

“My little man was 4.5 months old and I was a struggling, exhausted, depressed, defeated mama. I was not in a good place to say the least.

Enter Chanlyn….. She has changed my life, taught me so much about baby sleep and gave me my nights back. Babe and I both are well rested (most of the time) and that is thanks to her!

If you have been thinking about getting a consultant, just do it! There is nothing more valuable to me than being a happy, patient and loving mother and wife.

I am grateful for her selflessness, patience and genuine care for me and my son! She has truly been a blessing!

THANK YOU for everything you do Chanlyn!”

Kali. B

It was worth every penny

April 7, 2021

“Chanlyn is AMAZING! I started working with her when my little one was about 8 weeks old. She helped me get her to sleep in her own room, transition into zippadee out of swaddle, practice crib hour and keep consistency with bedtime routine and overnight wakings! She was available all the time! She was quick to answer all of my questions even though we are in different time zones! I appreciated having her support and letting me know I did a good job. My daughter can now put herself to sleep and I put her down wide awake!!! She will be 11 weeks on Friday. This is amazing because she can also self soothe when she does wake up and put herself back to sleep! Chanlyn I can not thank you enough for all of your advice and support! It was worth every penny”


I would rather eat bread and water and have her in my corner

April 7, 2021

“If you are looking for the best sleeping coach look no further I have found her. She is worth every penny. I don’t normally post feedback but she really deserves it. She is my child’s sleeping guardian angle. We engaged with a different sleeping coach before her and I was not happy. Chanlyn is always there for me 24/7 night and day. She truly cares. Her support is amazing. She also respects your choice and supports you the way you want to be supported. She has helped my little one, who was 16wks at the time, with extending his sleep naps, taking him off the dummy, teething, sleeping through the night, no bottle. Her tips and are amazing. Her knowledge blows me away. She was even there to listen to me get something off my chest regarding mother hood. I asked husband if we can fit it in our budget to keep her on longer. She even lowered the price so we could afford her for longer. I would rather eat bread and water and have her in my corner.”


It was magical

April 7, 2021

“From the beginning of working with Chanlyn, she was kind, compassionate, empowering and knowledgeable. My 7 month old daughter would not nap longer than 45mins and night sleep was no longer than 2hr stretches. Chanlyn deciphered my sleep logs offered a few different schedule shifts to get her naps in order, worked with me to get rid of her soother attachment (which was waking her at night), and then implemented gentle self soothing techniques. I was against just letting my daughter just cry for hours. Chanlyn was very understanding of that and worked with me to create a sleep method that I was comfortable with.

I always felt Chanlyn was there for me, like a fairy godmother of sleeping.

After a few weeks nap times were a solid 1.5hrs 2 times a day at the same time. Then night sleep became loner stretches until we were getting a full 12hrs every night.

It was magical.

Chanlyn is a wonderful sleep consultant, and with all the time we spent together and her support she feels like a friend. I am forever grateful for the time she spent helping my family get the sleep we all needed.”

Maria T

Thanks to her, we are all happy and well rested!

April 2, 2021

“Sleep was the one part of my baby girls routine that brought me anxiety and stress. She was a great sleeper once she was asleep but getting her to sleep took hours and lots of tears from us both!

After talking to Chanlyn, literally within one day, I saw a HUGE difference in my baby and in myself. Bedtime was calmer, she was going to bed earlier; which allowed some much needed time with my husband, and it was just a more peaceful experience in general. She worked to make an Individual plan to fit my child’s needs and make a schedule that worked with our family’s needs. Chanlyn was available and willing to help me at all hours of the night and made me feel more confident in my ability to help my baby girl sleep.

Thanks to her, we are all happy and well rested!”


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